What happens when we are not accepted for who we are?

We are broke to the core and are unable to find any meaning in life. That is what I had to face for just being a girl. Born in a community where patriarchy was so strong that it didn't let girls live a life of dignity for the simplest of things, I had to endure many storms in life. At many instances, I didn't even know whether I could survive those struggles or not!

And, when I couldn't take it any longer, I took matters into my own hands and rewrote my story. I decided that I would make the decisions of my life, because those who were trying to do that were only pushing their agendas and making me feel completely lost. Finding my authentic self was the biggest act of courage. I dared to dream big and today, I am well on my path to success by being a Writer, Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker whose mission is to empower women for being who they are, unapologetically! I have found my way, and will surely be there to shine this light on other's lives.