Super Speaker is India’s 1st ever reality show to find the best Speaker in the Country. It truly doesn’t matter who are you- You could be a Working Professional, a Trainer or a Coach (Professional or Aspiring), a Home Maker, an Entrepreneur, an Influencer or a Creator .. If you have the drive to Inspire and Impact People with your voice, this show is definitely for you! It’s a common ground that is carefully Curated to identify and honour the Best in the Country. We believe India has immense potential and at Success Gyan, we are proud to continue the tradition of discovering hidden gems. . If you have a message worth sharing, we want to give you the opportunity to influence countless others.

Welcome to this virtual arena where established and first-time speakers from all walks of life compete with the best in the country to spread meaningful ideas.


Use your Voice to Inspire and Create a Massive Impact

Super Speaker is a fabulous opportunity for you to use your voice to Inspire your community. The world needs more trainers and speakers who can create an impact. All the rounds are designed in a way that you use your voice and stories to Inspire, Impact and Influence People.

Be a Part of an Empowering Community

You are going to be a part of an empowering like minded community that is all about going out there and creating a massive impact. And this community will have people from all walks of life. As you know- Your Environment is greater than your will power and being in the right environment is the key to becoming better and achieving anything. There will a lot of learning, sharing and collaborating in the journey of competing.

Opportunity to Speak Alongside World class Speakers (Also win a whooping Cash prize of Rs.10,00,000)

The winner gets this massive opportunity of Speaking alongside International Speakers on Success Gyan Platform. The Winner gets a cash price of 10 Lakhs and the Top 10 get access to World-Class Courses worth Rs.35 lakhs.



“The First Season of the Super Speaker received a whopping 40,185 Registrations. We had participants from all walks of life. Our youngest contestant was 11 and the oldest was 63. We did celebrate the diversity in participation.”


With Registrations that touched more than 40k, Super 250 came along the journey to make it more memorable. They had a series of activities & challenges which prepared them for the biggest record that they created together. It was a delightful experience to see every participant share their story & inspire the community.


“The Super 250 along with our speakers came together to create a Transformational movement. Inspirathon- A Non – Stop 12-hour marathon of Inspiring stories put us on the Asia and India Book of Records for pulling off a World Record.”


“From the Super 250 we selected Super 100 through a Series of Challenges. Every challenge was aimed at bringing the best in them while also inspiring the community. We were overwhelmed with the kind of hard-work, dedication and creativity the Super 250 exhibited!”


A delightful dilemma it was to select the Best 10 (The finalists) from the best 100. It was the very first time we integrated public voting and we received a whopping 1,70,777 Votes.


Out of the Super 10 finalists based on public voting and Success Gyan’s esteemed jury consisting of its best trainers, Warun Mehta walked away with a cash prize of one lakh and Shruti Chaudhary bagged the first runner up by a difference of one point. Adding on to a generous scholarship to help both of them take their passion to the next level.

Season 2





From 40,185 registrations in Season 1 to reaching the milestone of 211520 regulations in the Season 2 of Super Speaker, your trust & belief has brought us long way. It’s not us, it’s you who made it happen!


Jury Members


Asia’s Leading Business Coach


India’s Leading Info – Marketing Expert


India’s Leading Life Coach


Founder & CEO, Success Gyan


International Best – Selling Author and World Renowned Success Coach

Blair Singer

Master of Masters, Rich Dad Advisor of Robert Kiyosaki

Media Coverage

Outlook India

Times of India

Gomantak Times

NavHind Times

The Pioneer

Deccan Herald - Inspirathon

DNA India

ZEE News - News bizz


Inspire Our Community

“Every round is designed in such a way that there’s something in it that Inspires the people who are watching the video. We want to Inspire, Influence and Impact people who are participating and also the ones that are witnessing.”

Build an Inspiring Community

“Super Speaker is one of the ways for us to build an Inspiring Community. Your Environment is greater than your will power and being in the right environment is the key to becoming better and achieving anything. There will a lot of learning, sharing and collaborating in the journey of competing.”

Identify the best

“We believe in the potential this country has and we want to create a level grounded platform to identify the best in the country”

Become a Success Gyan Speaker

“To identify potential Trainers who can work with Success Gyan and help us impact more individuals.”


Do I have to pay a fee to register for Super Speaker?

No. You will not be charged at any point to participate in Super Speaker.

Is there any age limit to participate?

Yes, you must be above 18 years.


Which language should the video be in?

The Video has to be in English.

I'm not a trainer, speaker or a coach. Can I still participate in Super Speaker?

Yes, absolutely. The show is open to anyone who has a message that they want to share with the world.

Do participants have to be of Indian origin to participate?

You need to be an Indian citizen to participate but it’s not necessary that you should reside in India.

In case of queries who do I reach out to?

You can email superspeaker@successgyan.com

When will the SUPER 1000 (Round-1) results be announced?

It will be announced on 15th August, participants shortlisted for SUPER 1000 will be notified over mail and also results will be displayed on the supers speaker website.


What if I cross the deadline? Can I still submit the video?

In case of any genuine reasons, you can reach out to superspeaker@successgyan.com with the reason for the delay & once you get an acknowledgement, you can submit the video

Will the video be disqualified if it's more than 90 seconds?

Yes, The video needs to be 90 Seconds and not more than that.

I don't have a lot of social media reach or followers. Will it affect my selection?

No, your social media reach or no. of followers will not affect your selection.

Can I submit a new video? I'm not satisfied with the one I submitted earlier.

Yes, you can submit again. We will pick the best entry.

Should the video be edited? Is it necessary to add props, background music etc.?

No, that’s not necessary. It can be a simple, single shot video.

Do I need to purchase Siddharth's and Blair's courses to participate in Super Speaker?

No, you don’t have to purchase any courses to participate in Super Speaker

Is there a dress code for the video?

We don’t have a specific dress code. However, do look your best!

Can I see a sample video?

Go to Instagram and search for #iamasuperspeaker. You can see several videos of other participants.

Is it necessary for me to upload the video on to my social media profiles?

Yes, you will have to upload the video on at least one social media platform to enter Super Speaker.

What criteria do you use for shortlisting?
  1. Authenticity
  2. Connection with the audience
  3. Message
  4. Energy
  5. Flow of the content
Do I have to post the video on all social media platforms?

It is necessary to post on at least one social media platform to enter Super Speaker. However, if you upload the video on to several social media platforms, you will get more exposure!

How will I know if I am selected or not?

You will receive an email from us if you are shortlisted. Also, the top 1000 will be displayed on the Super Speaker website.



The Winner will be awarded with a Cash Prize of 10,00,000, free access to scholarship worth of Rs 3,50,000 SGA courses. and an Opportunity Speak alongside World – Class Trainers


The Runner Up will be Awarded with a Cash Prize of 5,00,000 and free access to scholarship worth of Rs 3,50,000 SGA courses.


All Finalists get free access to scholarship worth of Rs 3,50,000 SGA courses.

About Success Gyan

Success Gyan is India’s Leading Platform for Personal Development. We believe in Inspiring, Educating and Empowering Individuals by sharing Programs in all domains like Personal Growth, Financial Management, Career Growth, Effective Entrepreneurship, Business Acceleration to empower individuals to live life at their highest Potential.

Success Gyan started its journey in 2012 with a Vision of bringing World – Class Education to India at affordable prices. Through these years we have revolutionised over 10 Lakh + Lives through 800+ Events by 75+ World – Class Trainers like Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and many more.

The Organisation that brings the World’s Best to India and takes India’s Best to the World works with a Vision of taking Life – Transforming Education to every household in the Country and thereby empowering every individual to Unleash the Best Version of themselves in every area of their Lives.

Surendran Jayasekar

Founder & CEO, Success Gyan