As a child I had big dreams, but when I grew up, I realised it’s not going to be easy to pursue my dreams. Brought up in a very protective environment, I would always have this fear of, “what will others think?”, “what will others say?”, a constant resistance for the fear of judgement. I literally didn’t have the courage to take even the first step; lots of fear and self-doubt didn’t let me do anything. As life went by and when I became a mother, I started feeling the urge to do something for myself; to be someone, whom my children will look up to! I wanted to show them that they can dream and the only thing needed was the courage, to achieve those dreams.So I took my steps slowly,started to work towards myself and that changed things within me and around me; took up every opportunity that came my way and started doing things that I love to do; creating my own identity and improving myself each day. I knew those little eyes grow watching me everyday and when my son said , “ Amma am soo proud of you and I want to be like you too”, I think that’s my biggest achievement and I keep moving forward with a smile knowing that am doing something right!

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!