Life never allows us to make our own decisions because everything is planned for us. Whenever we feel things are going our way. BOOM!! there comes a big turn where everything gets scattered and all you can do is feel bad but not every time. When one door of opportunity is closed the other door automatically gets open and the same thing happened to me when I wanted to do a masters in my dream college, I worked hard and I did get admission but the year 2020 just arrived and none of us were sure when we will see the normal life and so it was a high turnaround. This turn was amazing for me career-wise because I started writing my heart out to people and they found it relatable they also started saying it inspired them and they also started focusing on what they are good at rather than cribbing about what they could not do.
At times you will feel bad or feel like giving up but that is the time when you have to stay strong because not everything is bad and not every bad thing can happen to you. Just trust yourself like I did. Work on yourself and most importantly, stop blaming yourself for everything then you will see the difference you make in yourself as well as in others' lives.
Create such an environment where there is no space for negativity. You are the boss of your thoughts why let a few things make you feel unworthy? Cry over the things that did not go the way you planned, sleep over them and then start a fresh day with new hopes, new practices and a new you to make this World better and especially to become a better person. When you see the World you realise your problems are the least in comparison to others so why bother so much?
Be a person you feel proud of and help others to move forward.
God always have plans for you so never feel disheartened about anything. I get it working hard and not achieving something is painful but you have to do what you have to do. You have to move forward without looking back at what you lost.
I am a person who never thought of any negative result or I could fail when I worked so hard but this was a reality check for me and it was a lesson I learned the hard way. Now whatever I do I make sure to have a backup plan that helps me move forward.
I won an award from the Police Commissioner and after getting so much respect I realised I was taking such a huge thing for granted.
Never deny the opportunity you get because you never know what can change your life just like mine.
Today I have 3 books published as a Co-author, I have my own Instagram handle for writing, and I am a freelance content writer but most importantly I say what I feel is right and that motivates people so I feel complete.
It's not like after the incident all I saw was a success but this incident helped me handle my failure well and that did not stop me from doing what I like and what I admire the most which is “writing”.
Sometimes to have an inspiring story a downfall is necessary or I would say to get up strong you need to fall badly to understand the actual meaning of walking carefully on your path.
Learn everything like a life lesson but enjoy every moment because this won’t come back.
At last all I want to say is have faith in God and trust yourself because “whatever happens, happens for good.”

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