Sometimes it requires a moment of truth to catapault into a versatile & a professional individual .
I hail from a small town in Rajasthan , where the mode of conversation would be primarily native language & hindi was my medium of education till graduation owing to my bureaucratic father having transferable job in rural belt .
Absolutely oblivious to challenges of life , I kept groping in the dark like a wanderer until my mentor made me realise how the world was changing when I was mired in inertia like a moot spectator .
My 10 mnts conversation with him changed my life as he very gently took my awareness to my shaky body language , poor awareness , incapability to speak in english & lack of clarity of goals .
That was the moment of truth & beginning of renaissance in my life .
I pushed myself beyond limits & created a rigorous ritual which would be followed on day to day basis for next few years .This would include listening to BBC radio in the morning for langauge clarity , reading novels & newspaper & developing vocabulary.
I would suddenly have a renewed purpose in life & my zest for change reflected in my attitude .
This discipline in the life of a nomad , worked wonders & I evolved into an aware , confident & ambitious person .My tryst with English langauge became an enjoyable experience .
For those , who condition themselves by surrendering to circumstances , I must admit , I dared to defy circumstances by not bothering about opinions of naysayers when they would pass judgment about my destiny
My first brush with success ,
MBA happened & thn I left corporate job within few years of joining as it was not excitable to me .
Teaching as a career manifested by chance when I was exploring my call in life & thn I met a versatile professional who saw something in me , which I couldn’t see.
He offered me business franchises of an education venture with a condition to teach young aspirants .
Last 20 years have been a revelation in my life .
I have the fortune of training & mentoring around 45k young students & working professionals. They say that I am a walking encyclopaedia in the realm of vocabulary .I am a Tedex speaker , ontological coach & MBTI trainer .
A successful entrepreneur who is married to a compassionate partner with two lovely kids , I couldn’t have asked more from the universe .
The saga continues…

My super 500 journey in the super speaker Reality show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you !"