"I want my tombstone to read ""No Regret"".
I strongly believe that all I have is this life in this very moment and I must make it count. Being a brilliant student in school comes with a lots of expectations from everyone. When you don't keep up with those expectations, you become a huge disappointment for them. However, it never bothered me. I wanted to take complete responsibility of everything I do. So, even after investing 5 years for my degree of dentistry, I chose not to continue the path. Without wasting any time I started working on something I always dreamt about. It was a tough decision to change my career path. I knew that I would regret it a lot if I don't take this decision now. Confronting parents while working in a completely new field was the real challenge. I was at my most vulnerable place. It was harder to keep going than I expected. But giving up was never an option for me. That was the only reason I completed my degree first. Leaving things in the middle is just not my kind of thing. Tough one but I took the decision and stood by it. No matter what it takes, I'm working hard to take responsibility of everything I do. I don't remember a single day in past one and a half year when I stopped working on my dream. Dealing with self-doubts comes free with daring and dreaming. I kept going no matter what came my way. Then one day, someone's words changed my mindset. It seemed like he gave me a compliment, but what he really gave me was a perspective. I am more than grateful for the courage my soul has. Today, I proudly say that I'm doing what I love and work hard for it, without any regret. :)"