This is a story of an ordinary girl who dreams out of the box.
I was the perfect girl completing studies with no year gap, then searching for a job, and living a 9-hour job life. A team lead, an assistant teacher, and an academic head were the titles awarded to me. These titles never gave me inner peace and satisfaction. I realized that not breathing doesn't mean dying. If you are dead inside, then the body is only mechanically working without a soul connection. I wanted to re-establish the connection before the body stopped breathing. I have been writing since I was fourteen years old. I loved writing poems, short stories, and entertaining letters. These things were my life. As I grew up, I started losing connection with these things. Scientific knowledge never took away creativity from me, but it consumed a lot of time, and I threw myself into that. In the last six months of my job life, I felt mentally drained, and I did not even write a one-liner during that phase. I somehow knew where to put a dot without caring about anything else. I signed my resignation without clues of my next move, which was wrong, but it took me towards the best life lessons. The rest is just a journey of my struggle, and I am still in my struggle phase. The only difference is that I am confident enough to try out new things that I know I can do. I am writing my fantasy novel right now, and I am working on my songs. The background score used in this video is my original composition, and it will soon be available on different music platforms. I need to manage my finances, so I am spreading my scientific knowledge worldwide. I provide online science classes to high school students from foreign countries. I am a teacher, so I need to be inspiring even when I am at my lowest point, and this brings me to public speaking. I want to make others believe that if I can do these things, then anybody can do it. One needs to stop listening to others and start boosting self-belief to live the life of dreams. Be the change. Be You.