I once lived a life overshadowed by timidity and self-doubt. The catalyst for my metamorphosis was a deep-seated desire: to be a great mother to my son and also to ensure that I don’t impose my insecurities on him .

My coaches and mentors helped me a great deal to work on my personality and I understood the importance of personal growth in creating my reality .

I embarked on a transformative journey, peeling away layers of fear and embracing the discomfort of growth. Public speaking, once a distant dream, became a conquest. With each word spoken, I shed the cloak of timidity and discovered the power of my voice.Now I create impact on social media through my videos .

Launching my coaching business was my next mountain to climb. The road was challenging, but every obstacle only strengthened my determination. Initially I used to take objections personally and feel extremely sad and then I learnt to look at it objectively , make changes and improve the next time .Every setback taught me something new .The timid soul I once knew was now a resilient entrepreneur, navigating the intricate dance of risk and reward.

Confidence became my silent ally, standing beside me as I achieved milestones I once deemed impossible. In this journey, I discovered that transformation is not just a personal triumph; it's a gift to those who witness it. Today, as a confident speaker and a business owner, I stand as living proof that even the most timid hearts can rewrite their stories and create their destinies. My journey is an ode to the extraordinary power that lies within, waiting to be unleashed.
If I can do it ,so can YOU!!!
My Super 500 journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you !"