"SHER! That's what my mum calls me. The Lion of the family; strong, bold, a natural leader.
I had to find my own way and lead my own pride. I chose to become a doctor, and prove to the world what I was capable of despite the drama, trauma and financial crisis. My lion attitude always kept me on the top.
While I got engaged in my final year, a Tsunami hit Thailand. With it drowned my dreams of becoming a dental surgeon. The final year got postponed, but my marriage happened on time and I had to moved to India.

In the quest of being a good wife, a responsible daughter-in-law, and a progressive mother I pushed aside my dream. I was just 3 months away from having the initial "Dr." before my name.
I embraced the struggles and adjustments of a married woman. I had stepped back into the cage.
I was full of rage, and frustration in my cage. Here, I had become so dependent. The leader was now a follower. I was only obeying, not creating anything. Freedom awaited just beyond the bars!
I revived my lion attitude and here I stand before you with a new identity – a Stress wellness coach on a mission to prevent people from depression.
We Lions are not followers we are leaders!
We don’t seek respect, we command respect!
My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!"