"Life is not a bed of roses. These were the words of my father to me on the eve of my marriage. I was 22 then. Life was a celebration. Little did I know what life had in store for me.
Years rolled on. What a roller coaster ride it has been! Motherhood eluded me for 8 years and was blessed with a precious baby boy in 1998. Prashanth was God's gift to us. He was an IIT graduate and went to CERN too for internship. Am 56 now. In less than two years from now lost my loving mother, inspiring father, my supportive partner Nataraj and on top of it my dear son Prashanth.
Life threw bricks at me. For a moment was piled under the weight of it. Had choices either to stand there and grieve or to stand up and walk and build stairs.
Chose to stand up and now am on a mission to help children and individuals improve their communication skills. Realized that sometimes nothing is in our hands. We have to accept whatever happens and see how we can make our life purposeful. Finding happiness in serving others.
Thank you Success Gyan for giving me the opportunity to share my story to the world."