Born in a humble and lower middle class family, I always carried a belief that I am poor. Restricting myself from all the curricular activities which needed investment, I focussed on studying hard. Following my sister’s steps, I chose science stream and later graduated as a doctor making my parents proud.

Soon I was happy that now I shall live my own life of freedom and after my post graduation, I got into a comfortable job. However, that happiness was short lived as I had to do the things that I did not like and that little voice in my head would shout at its peak, that I do not want to live this life.

However, Fear of losing had taken control over me, I bound myself into that comfort zone of mediocre life.

With time I grew and my belief of BEING POOR strengthened and I followed the crowd and just SURVIVED. After working hard at my job for 9 years, I was just being a man in the golden cage who was having a POOR AND MEDIOCRE MINDSET.

I worked hard on myself and broke this Cage and EMERGED AS A transforming HUMAN BEING who became from fat to fit, confused to confident, Best selling author and started Mentoring people. Found the purpose of my life.

By setting an example, I discovered my mission & started walking on the path of inspiring the people in the golden cage that if you have that burning desire, you have the power to kill mediocrity and live your dream life.

Since then, I have been walking those steps."