It is no longer an "OR" world, it's an "AND" world.
Then why the war between Passion and Profession! Why do we have to choose one! Why can't we conquer two worlds at the same time!
Dr Nayya Saini, a gynaecologist and a fashion model.
But sadly, these labels come with fixed stereotypes. The society is still not ready to accept their doctors going into the show business. And the reverse is also true. If a model says that she is highly qualified, people often don't believe her.
It's high time to break these stereotypes.
Walking the ramps or flaunting my beauty on stage, doesn't make me a less skilled doctor.
I love performing surgeries as much as I love posing for the camera.
Though the world of Medicine and Glamour are very diverse, but if I have the talent to walk with both, hand in hand, they why shouldn't I !
We can excel in our profession and passion simultaneously.
Being academically proficient, I chose medicine as a career, cracked the All India Medical entrance, then specialised in Gynaecology and super specialised in Infertility and High risk pregnancies. Today I practice as a Consultant Gynaecologist at Santosh hospital, Ghaziabad.
But since my childhood, I always loved the stage, the lights, the camera, the audience.
So i promised myself, I'll never let this childhood dream die. So I entered the Fashion Industry, from pageantary to designer shoots to runways, i have come a long way today.

So you should never give up on your dreams. You should always do, what you love to do. You should always prioritise your own happiness.
Let not other people decide the DOs and DON'T s of your life.
And if that makes you unconventional, a rebel or a disruptor, then tell those people- "This is the DAWN OF DISRUPTION"