Meta Cognition, by definition is, the ability to think about our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and modulating them for our benefit. They also call it thoughts about thoughts.

Jitters, shivers, knot in the stomach, cold wave down the spine… I knew it all… The stage always called me, but the nervousness of being in spotlight dreaded me until the said epiphany in the video. After I began researching the subject of Meta-Cognition, a lot changed for me. It introduced me to my inner demons, helped me tame them and make them dance to my tunes. It thoroughly transformed me.

Back then I used to coach my mentees for English, IELTS and Communication and slowly started teaching the concepts of Meta-Cognition to them and results were amazing and truly transformative. It helped them break their age old barriers. My previous knowledge of NLP, CBT, Meditation, Prana control and Life Sciences too amalgamated to bring out a thorough and comprehensive course of Meta-Cognition out. This course has been instrumental in bringing about a desired change the lives of mentees like myself. The only thing needed is taking the control in our own hands.

I oft wonder how one bad day in my childhood was the seedling for my work today. I do not regret that day any more, I rather cherish it. Had it not been for that day… this skill would have been lying around unseen, unused, unsung.

This lead me to believe that hard times mostly are the nudges for us frim the higher power, to look inside and bring about that change. Because, most earth shattering treasures always come from within.

Just have faith, trust the process, and, don't forget to visit your Antar mann (inner self) from time to time. You will find light!

More power to you!"