I was the member of a small poor family, living in a slum area of Bhopal with all common struggles which could be imagined, but with a vision to get out of it and inspire others for achieving sustainable livelihood.
The initial schooling was done in a very small school where even there was no bench to sit and no access to quality education.
It was the era when there was no way to explore the outside world and opportunities.
But, there is a will, there is a way.
I made myself an explorer and transformed myself to inspire others.
Started own computer centre in year 2000-2001, became the computer professional.
Completed MBA from one of the premium institution of Central India in year 2008.
Started exploring the opportunities to learn and grow.
By the God's Grace, the blessings of elders and love of my well wishers, I became a professional educator, trainer and motivator. Helped more than 5000 youths to transform their lives.
Now, I am an EdTech professional and helping thousands of teachers to lay down the strong foundation of our country.
Yes, This is me, who never gave up and kept on striving towards the best….. and the journey still going on…….
Thanks for watching the video and reading the short story of my life.