"I grew up in a conservative household where women were primarily expected to manage household duties. However, deep within, I nurtured dreams of having a career and becoming an entrepreneur, with a business to call my own. Despite the societal constraints, I held onto these aspirations, waiting for the right moment to turn them into reality.

Marriage didn't diminish my ambition; it only fueled my determination further.

Seizing an opportunity, I ventured into the jewelry world, eventually becoming a certified Gemologist and Jeweler. I got both my families to support me, once who were totally against it, today bless me for this. I established my jewelry brand, Riyaash Fine Jewels.

Balancing the demands of work and family has been a constant struggle, one that many women can relate to. Society often expects us to excel in both roles without compromise.

My business journey was filled with challenges, due to no knowledge of how business is done. I stumbled and grappled with the complexities of the business world, often feeling like an amateur. However, I refused to be discouraged, even when the world offered limited guidance and support for women in business. I was determined to succeed, despite the doubts and obstacles that often hinder women in their pursuits.

Through unwavering determination and countless consultations, I transformed obstacles into opportunities, gradually building a successful enterprise over the past 9 years.

Witnessing the world gradually acknowledging the potential of women in education and entrepreneurship, I noticed the hesitation among women in mid age. Many of us, balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and marriage, yearned for something more than just routine social activities like kitty parties or being a member of just another club. We found ourselves asking, 'What's next?'

Empowered by my experiences and the valuable guidance I received from Various Coaches, I dedicated myself to creating a platform that uplifts women, guiding them to fulfill their buried dreams, build confidence, and self-respect, and feel worthwhile.
I understand their struggles because I've lived through them.

I have transformed from a shy girl with limited communication skills into a business owner, an author, a TEDx speaker, and a dedicated business coach. My message to every woman out there is simple: Dare to dream, believe in yourself, and take action. You can achieve what you once thought was impossible."