I have come to believe that we are eternal spiritual beings, who incarnate onto the Earth for a temporary human experience. And it is our Soul's purpose to purely experience the best and most it can.

Before incarnating, our Souls form contracts of exactly what our lessons will be in this lifetime. That is why we keep repeating the same patterns and mistakes until we learn those lessons and move ahead.

This knowledge is exactly what sailed me through my heartbreaks — when I started looking at them as experiences to learn from, rather than being a victim to them.

I spent a long time in my struggles trying to make some sense of them, and it was painful! But today, I would not have it any other way!!

Because these HEARTBREAKS led me to my BREAKTHROUGHS.

And they are what have contributed to me being here today. My life's big struggles were with relationships and this realisation deepened my understanding.

So, today I am a Relationship Coach, teaching and empowering people with the same things that I learned!

From being a crazy Shah Rukh Khan lover (which I still am), to being wayyy more in love with myself… my journey has been full of ups and downs, but lots of fun too (when I started looking at things from the empowered perspective)