"""I fell"" ""I didn't see the door"" – These were some excuses given by me when someone noticed my bruises. From being a person who still doesn't smile openly because of damaged teeth, to a woman who pulls up Domestic Violence victims from their miseries, I'm truly grateful to the Universe for opening the right doors when I needed to escape.
It's not ok to be abused. People just need to understand that . It's ok to cry. Understand that too!

I can't forget the days that I had to rush out of my house to his waiting car, with menstrual blood flowing down my legs because he wouldn't give me time to change my napkin… Because I had to prove to him that I was not with anyone in my house. I have caught him hiding behind a pillar and checking me. He stopped me from singing and acting. He made sure I didn't dress well.

I hated myself for not being able to stand up for myself. Is love so compelling? But one day I just stood up.

Today I'm on a mission to empower Domestic Violence victims. Heal their wounds and erase their scars.. because…. Our tears are so precious that who we shed them for should merit our tears. Women are powerhouses. They just need to know that!