Growing up in Mumbai and Vasai was all about family and fun. Came to Dubai in 2001, to make a life and fell in love with this city, and the rest is history, but truly an amazing one.
Was fortunate enough to work for the world’s renowned airline Emirates for over a decade, where I cherished the world of cultures and travelled to over 35 countries.

It was 4 years back, a dear friend of mine, pulled me out from my own milestone birthday party, and literally compelled me to buy his restaurant.

But what good is a chance if you don’t take it, Considering the huge competition in the market and Dubai being spoilt for F&B choices, I had to choose a unique dining experience, that’s how the idea of introducing my mother’s cuisine to Dubai was born.

Yes! I introduced Koli Cuisine to Dubai making Vasai Local Restaurant, the first Koli restaurant outside India and I can’t wait for my local baby to get global.

My intention is to put Koli Cuisine on the Indian Culinary map and make it internationally famous.

So, what is my recipe for abundance? Its prayer multiplied by hard work, love and passion. Whilst I continue to toss the flavors, the most important ingredient in my recipe of life, is my family, my friends and my team, which makes a 4.11 short person like me, shine tall and bright every single time.

With bigger aspirations; I am here to create a legacy. GODspeed.

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!