"Lessons are not just learnt in closed classroom with Board and Chalk. The biggest classroom room is Life, Life experiences are the lessons.

I experienced a Thick Patch of insignificance in early years of school. Bullied at 6 and at 7 fell prey at the hands of a teacher, who held extreme hatred. The 2 years cast a dark shadow and made me unimportant and irrelevant this found some respite, with the advent of a principal in school in senior years, a powerful Psychology teacher and a mix of kindness and power as another principal in College. The process of healing, I think, began then as it was these three who unconsciously began to open certain locks within me. However, the hurt was so deep that, it followed me wherever I went- chasing me even as I moved cities for higher studies and work. As I was unknowingly hurting deep within, it was impacting my health adversely. Something had to be done. I was pushed into attending a workshop on NLP / Self Work where I realised of the wounded little child inside of me and I decided to take responsibility of nurturing her. I gave her voice, and she voiced her pain.
I reclaimed the lost me and unlocked her with my new found Key.

Life ought to be purpose driven. The search is for that Key, to Unlock.

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!"