This is my story of winning my own battles in life and do better everyday. This all started during Covid-19 1st wave when I lost almost everything and there was no source of happiness in life, I thought there is no meaning to this life anymore and that everything ended. But then, I tried finding that happiness within myself, I remembered phases of my life that were way more difficult than this and this gave me strength to do good and bounce back. Today I am on my feet, I have learnt a lot of things in life which is experiential learning and have been doing good mentally, financially and overall well being. You are a winner if you know how to beat the worst phases of your life with just a smile on your face, if you know how to be feminine being a man, if you know that everything in this world is of no use if you are not motivated from within and if you know that there is always and always at least one reason in your life to be happy !