"It was the year2012, my professional Journey was Soaring high, Until one day my factory manager walked into my cabin and announced my job rotation from “an Engineering manager to Safety Manager”. I felt, as if I was hit by a bolt from the blue.

While I was reconciling from the shock, I got added with multiple other roles of facility management, Security, Real estate, Indirect Purchase, IT and admin.
I felt as if I getting drawn into the vortex with no escape.

After 2 Years, I managed to get a transfer to Kolkata as 'Lean Six Sigma manager“. Only to realize, I joined a sick company and was In-charge for Personal Productivity”.

Of many measures, we had to fire 42 colleagues”. I felt welching in my stomach, I badly wanted to escape, a voice within me whispered, 'You are the rescue.”

It all Changed, when I Stopped to pity party, asking ”Why me”.
Rather asking “What’s my purpose in life, What’s my passion, What’s the problem I wish to solve?

If any of you are struggling right now in your career,
Remember!! You are the Rescue.

Believe in Yourself! Take time to find your passion, build the right skills to solve real world problems.

Let’s make the world a better place!
Let’s be unstoppable!
Let’s Get-Set & Fly!!"