How does it feel to get bullied, mocked and body shamed for being overweight?
I know the feeling cannot be described in words and it is very difficult to tolerate as I have gone through the phase. I am foodie since childhood so the thought of sacrificing my favourite food items always prevented me from joining the gym. But I was desperate to lose some body weight so that nobody gets the chance to make fun of me again. Finally joined the gym in June 2022 and started working out on daily basis and followed a balanced diet inspite of all the body pain.
Hard work, Patience, Will power, Sacrifice, Consistency and Focus helped me in losing 16 kgs body weight.
When I joined the gym I was 95 kgs but currently I am 79 kgs. I can do push-ups and squats fearlessly now. When you believe in yourself and have the will power, nothing is impossible. Hope to work harder, become stronger and create a better version of myself.
My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!