"I was a unique learner as a child, using unconventional methods that my teachers didn't understand. They labeled me as lazy and unintelligent. Despite facing challenges, I worked hard in 10th grade, scoring 64%. The school had refused to continue my admission in the 10th grade but I promised to study hard and scored 64%. We had typing as a subject and I scored 97 (ish) 3rd highest in the typing class and got an award and a certificate for the same. Life changed after that and I devised my own studying methods and scores went on getting better.
Moving to a metro city after marriage, I felt the impact of being a small-town girl in the corporate world. I was treated differently and I was shattered. My confidence broke down. Motherhood inspired me to ensure my son didn't face similar challenges. My journey of Self-discovery began
My focus changed from the bad experiences to the good things that are there in my life. From losses to gains, from what I don’t have to what I have, from Bitter to better, from grudges to gratitude.
Shifting my focus from negative experiences, I embraced gratitude. I pursued a course in Early Childhood Care and Education, becoming a special ed teacher, then a trainer and coach. I've shared my experiences with over 8,000 participants from diverse backgrounds.
Life taught me that others may judge and label you, but you choose whether to believe them or in yourself, one can blame them or up one’s own game.. People perceive you based on their knowledge, experience, and limited exposure.
Now, as a Vibrant Voice Coach, my message is simple yet strong: Don't let others define your limits; determine who you truly are. God bless.

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