"I born in rural village and studied in Govt school. I always knew that I am born to do something bigger but did not know what and how.

Due to my ""scarcity"" mindset for knowledge , I have been in complaint mode and always wanted to acquire knowledge and chased it. Even after investing so much effort and money for 10 years , I did not get where I wanted. Things I learnt started feeling like ""knowledge obesity "" and investment in my learning started feeling like ""financial overhead"".

This journey took me to deeper mode and I started looking at life from a very different perspective. I felt that all throughout my life, I have been searching for answers outside , let me look inside if that's the place to find some clue.

That was the start of ""Golden wave"" for me. I started meditating and loving myself , that increased my self belief and I started expressing myself better. This is how I turned my life from ""Complaint mode"" to ""Creation Mode"".

Every time I needed answer or guidance, I felt as if it was instantly available for me and that's my secret to my ""quick"" yet ""deeper"" success.

It's hard to describe the whole story in such a short time but my story snippet might ignite little light inside you to find your missing piece of the puzzle!!"