Do you ever wish to become something you always dreamt as a child? We all wanted to be astronauts,cricketers,pilots and what not. But somehow all these dreams got lost with time or got called off as kiddish.
There are some dreams that never left me. There are some things I am really passionate about and I just have to keep going back to them to keep myself alive. There's no other way.
So even when I have to bear the stress of doing MBBS, a professional course that can suck the life out of you, i always take time out from my daily routine for my passion. For that, I have to fight my laziness,I have to fight fatigue,I have to fight anxiety,only to make sure that artist in me lives. My life is very goal oriented and I want to complete all my dreams even if that means I have to sacrifice my energy on most days.
That's how I want to write the Story of My Life.