"On my quest for inner healing, inner search and my true purpose. Life took me through a route that I was never prepared for exactly one year ago 24th Dec Christmas Eve. I was shaken and uprooted so deep that I am yet healing but my faith, my belief in God, The Almighty, The Supreme Power whatever you want to call it turned everything around for me.
My undeterred relentless attitude of never give up shown on me like the north star that I was treading the right path.
I always wanted to bring this story of mine to the world in the hope I could only inspire people to hold on, no matter what pain you are in. Just cry out soulfully to the divine and it will be yours. I have been given this platform to showcase a small gist of my pain and faith. I am so relieved now, it does not matter now how many votes my video will derive but my message reaching a large part of the audience is what is making me happy.
I only bow down in the deepest gratitude to Success Gyan for giving me this platform and space to voice my pain, my agony and my gains.
Editing this video on my own was another eye opener for me today when everyone who volunteered to help just vanished like magic in thin air. I have so many reasons to be grateful to Success Gyan right from
#1 bringing in the confidence in me by helping me post my very first video on social media where I was literally shaking and sweating.
#2 Helping me heal while I revisited my painful journey.
#3 Giving me this platform to help me reach my message to thousands of viewers as on my own I am not sure how long it would have taken me, as while we speak I am zero subscribers on my You Tube channel.
#4 Sharpening and polishing my video editing skills
#5 Making me bolder with every passing day

God Bless each of you with showers of abundance until we meet someday.
My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!