As a child we are all thought that to be good is to be kind and helpful to others.At times though we forget
that first we need to help ourselves only then can we be of help to others.
For the longest time I too believed that it is my duty to be there for others and at times when I couldn't I would feel I have not done my best to help others. In the quest to be the best i forgot to breathe
for myself. I would feel emotionally drained if I had to decline help to someone even when I had genuine
reason for it …. In loop I always accommodated others luxuries at the cost of my basics…until finally
i realised it's not others taking me for granted but me catering it to them so I decided to shift the focus on myself and I shifted a major weakness of mine to a
strength again where I could now still be good to others but first I chose myself!! My priorities!!