My life had been an eventful one, and a fairly comfortable one, too.

As a working mother, though struggling to find the optimal balance, I was happy to be able to contribute at work and at home and look after my family's needs.

Then came the bolt out of the blue, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the reeling shock came the questions. Being an only child, how am I going to be there for my parents and also look after my home, family and work? As I navigated through this difficult period, it also gave me the chance to reflect deeply, was I doing the right thing by dividing my time between all these? I realised that time was passing by and it was time to give my full focus on the people who really mattered: my family.

I quit my job and deep-dived into being a homemaker. That itself was a full-time job with ageing parents, parents-in-law, and two growing children, I was happy that I was able to be there for everyone in the family 100% and fulfil my responsibilities.
Looking back, I realise now, that I did not set any goals for myself as an individual, I found fulfilment in taking care of others.

But then realization dawned that the vision I had of a harmonious home was not becoming a reality.
Recurring issues and negativity made me doubt myself and I wondered what I was doing wrong. This led to me feeling resentful and stressed, and I did not like the person I was becoming. I asked myself the question- surely there is more to life?

As I was looking for some form of succour, God answered my prayers in the form of a yoga class that I started to attend. I found immense peace and strength through the practice.

When I got the opportunity, I signed up for the teacher's training course and found a beautiful community of like-minded people. The journey was nothing short of transformative. I was inspired by incredible individuals—a 70-year-old examiner pursuing her Ph.D., and a fellow student who had overcome illness to reach the peak of health. It was then that I realized the power of taking charge of your life.

I wanted to learn more, do more and be more. I was fascinated by the mind-body connection, understanding how our thoughts and emotions influence our physiology. Being aware and mindful could help prevent ailments and diseases. As I delved deeper into yoga, opportunities began to present themselves. I completed my master's in Yoga and discovered coaching as a means not only to better myself but also to empower and guide others, who may be in similar situations, not knowing where to turn.

I opened myself up to learning more and was blessed with many mentors, each adding their wisdom and guiding me in exploring my potential, and helping and serving society.

And so, my journey continues, with a renewed sense of purpose, empowerment, and the aspiration to inspire others. Life is a beautiful tapestry of experiences, challenges, and growth, and I'm excited to see where this journey leads!