From a very young age, I always loved listening to motivational speakers. There was this secret dream inside me, a wish to be like them. But, life took its own course. I did my MBA, started my own ad agency, and got caught up in the busy world of deadlines and meetings. Then, a voice issue hit me. Doctors said I had to speak less. It felt like a setback to my dream. But instead of giving up, I started practicing speaking for just 10 minutes a day. Slowly, I increased it to 20, then 30 minutes, and more. It was tough, but I was determined.
One day, I shared a one-hour seminar with my sisters, and they cheered me on. That gave me the push to do short sessions with my team and neighbors. Something magical happened during these sessions – I could see the change in people's lives.
And then, life threw me a chance – Superspeaker Season 1. I recorded my first video ever and sent it in. Though it was not shortlisted, reviews from my circle motivated me.  In Season 2, I reached 250 candidates out of more than two lakh participants. A big shoutout to Success Gyan for helping me revive my passion.
Looking back, I'm so glad. I kept my dream alive. The journey wasn't easy, but the hugs and thanks from friends after my seminars, and the joy of making a difference in people's lives, made it all worth it. Now I am invited by colleges and corporates to deliver inspirational talks on different topics. This journey taught me that it's never too late to follow your passion.
So, if you have a dream in your heart, don't ignore it. Listen to it and go for it – because dreams do come true when we break our resistances.