In the midst of skepticism and self-esteem issues, an unyielding spark within whispered of greatness.
Undeterred by societal norms, I rejected conventional 9 to 5
job. Despite familial and societal pressures, the call to create persisted.
Degrees were gathered, not for conformity, but as stepping stones to a destined purpose. A desire to revolutionize parenting, stemming from personal struggles, evolved with academic endeavors.
Motherhood marked a paradigm shift, leading to an exploration of progressive parenting methods. The revelation of a parenting coach's role became the compass guiding a newfound purpose.

This intuitive individual now stands, fully aligned with the radiance of her purpose, connecting the dots that foretold a destiny of significance.
My Super 500 journey in the Super Speaker reality show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!