"People say,
A girl takes rebirth after becoming a mother.
This beautiful quote has become a life quote for me.
From childhood, I was an innocent girl Shyness, fear of judgement, and low confidence
As I grow, I have overcome few a them, but not all
As per my conditioning, all of these was deep in me
It keeps continuing even after my marriage…
Then Turning point came in my life
21 October 2014 I am blessed with my son.
Only one thought crossed my mind: how can I give the best support to my child with my better version as a mother?
I don’t want that my child should never get tagged or levelled with the same words what I experienced in my childhood
But I don’t know the answer.
No clue at all.
I have suffered in the beginning.
I have to quit from my software job because depression, anxiety, lack of support and guilt become part of life
I don’t want to pass my life I want to live my life to the fullest
I want to enjoy each and every moment. I want to be a role model for my child
If your will power is very strong, even God will also help you
I decided to become learner again to learn life skills—to be a better version of myself as a wife, mother and as an indivisible
I have surrendered myself to mentors
And the transformation began: I have opened my own playschool in Hyderabad, became a certified coach trainer and author, inspiring more than thousands of lives
created two beautiful communities, one for parents and the other for teachers.
This was my journey of inner transformation, which has started with self-love, gratitude, and dedication.
I started living my mission.
Help the children reach their full potential with mindful parenting and an impactful teaching approach.
I rewrote my story when I believed in myself; you can too.
Love yourself and live life to the fullest because you deserve it"