When one's heart whispers a longing, the universe a silent conspirator, sets in motion a dance of energies to fulfill those yearnings. The very fabric of reality bends and molds itself to accommodate the fervent dreams of an individual!
I behold the big wide world with the same curiosity as I was a little girl. A meek and confused girl not sure about herself… Life seemed to be a challenge in the diverse circumstances that I had been subjected to. It was a roller coaster ride…
I thank God and the universe for giving me the opportunity to explore myself. My inner child who underwent a different journey enabled me to be a better teacher who could sense the inner worth of my sensitive students. The impact I could create is my humble investment in my spiritual bank.
I'm now a life long learner receptive to my calling..I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep..
Again…. Let the universe conspire…….!!!