How the Girl who was left behind became the Girl who never looked back?

It feels devastating to be the one who falls behind in any situation especially at the brink of extinction as an individual when the chances of survival are at stake. In the year 2001 while delivering my son my normal pregnancy turned in to a complicated childbirth scenario leading to an emergency c section resulting in heavy blood loss and an impending septicemia to which I nearly succumbed. I was saved by the timely intervention of my obstetrician. Getting up from bed to have a sneak peek at my baby was impossible forget holding him in my arms. I wept in pain writhing on the bed fighting to get up to hold my son while my son bawled for his mother’s milk and warmth. Later in 2014 because of two unknown impending umbilical hernias (which is a common side effect of c sections during childbirth) and food poisoning resulting in high fever and loose stools my health failed on an adventure I had embarked. It was a trek to the Gokyo lakes summitting at 18000 feet above sea level in the Himalayan Ranges of Nepal. I had to abandon the trek at 12000 feet. I dragged myself back to civilization heart broken, devastated and unwell surviving six nights and five days in the wilderness trekking back from one tea house all alone.
This has been my narrative always being the Girl Who Was Left Behind finding myself in life threatening circumstances; physically, emotionally, and mentally devastated. I decided to turn things around after each of these circumstances. After being given a second chance at life post childbirth, I started the concept of prenatal counseling in India for expecting couples for better maternal and fetal health outcome. I strapped my son on my chest went door to door meeting gynecologists rallying up support to generate awareness about the concept of prenatal counselling which was unheard of in India. Since then through my center, I have been able to touch the lives of thousands of young couples for twenty years.
I nurtured a dream of becoming an author since childhood but never got to accomplish it till my late thirties. The failed trek in Nepal became the manuscript of my first book published in 2017 titled “The Girl Who Was Left Behind”. Since then, I have published twenty-six books on subjects which are tabooed and neglected like maternal health, women’s wellness, personal transformation, violence and abuse against women and children. Five of my books have been amazon India best sellers in its category. My twenty fifth book “Now You Breathe “overcoming toxic relationships and abuse “has received multiple national and international awards including the prestigious Golden book Awards 2023 in the category powerful relationship guide.
This is the story of how I became the Girl who never looked back; choosing to embrace and evolve from my failures and misfortunes to make a difference in the society so that no one should ever be left behind.