In this video, I share my personal journey of transformation from an unfulfilled mother to a math teacher who is helping over 500 students learn and understand math better.

I was always a good student, and I enjoyed math. But after I got married and had a child, I felt like I was losing myself. I was unhappy in my job, and I felt like I wasn't living up to my full potential.

One day, I decided to take a step back and assess my life. I talked to my mentors and asked them to help me identify my strengths and weaknesses. After a lot of reflection, I realised that I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life.

So, I decided to quit my job and pursue a career in teaching. I spent over 8,000 hours researching and enhancing my skills. I learned about different teaching methods and strategies, and I developed a variety of hands-on activities, real-world examples, and technology-based tools to engage students and make math more relevant to their lives.

Today, I am a proud math teacher. I love seeing the look on their faces when they finally understand a concept that they had been struggling with. And I love knowing that I am making a difference in their lives.

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been Inspiring and I hope my story inspires you