I was running a business and started another venture out of desperation for funding and increased earnings. Unfortunately, this pursuit resulted in significant financial losses, depression, a kiosk, a neglected family, and self-employment, accompanied by weight gain, high uric acid, and more.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it provided me with the time to reflect on what am I doing? I started thinking that I should shut down my business. And, then Universe got me met this inspiring personality, @rajivtalreja. Attending his training sessions proved transformative, leading me to enroll in his MBA/Innercircle course. With the guidance of the coach, my business flourished, financial losses began to stabilize, and positive changes emerged.

Moreover, Rajiv's course, AND Life, had a profound impact on me. My personal life and personality underwent a remarkable transformation. I shed 20 kilograms in just five months through dietary adjustments NOT dieting. Dedicated investments, improved relationships, and heightened recreation became the norm.

I successfully turned my business from the brink of closure to profitability. Transitioning from living an ""OR"" life (choosing between managing the office or home) to an ""AND"" life (I can manage office and office and travel and whatever I want)."