"Life never throws anything our way that we can’t handle.

A 90-second story of how I hit the lowest point in my life when I was 37, I slipped into a midlife crisis and I had two options but only 1 choice to make, do I let life happen to me or do I take things into my own hands and make it happen.

I went from depression, anxiety, being full of shame and riddled with guilt to becoming debt-free in just 5 years.

It wasn’t any get-rich-quick scheme or a lottery that got me there.
What got me there was the journey that took me from being mindless to mindful. Working on my inner world I was better equipped to handle the outer world.

I hope to leave this message with you that if there's a challenge/adversity that you're facing in life, there's a reason it's happening. While the reason won't be apparent now, once you've crossed the hurdle, is when you'll look back and understand why it happened and your biggest learnings come from failures.

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!"