Have you ever faced betrayals in life? How did you overcome that and regain happiness in life?

I had a wonderful international education & career , and my life was 'happy go lucky' till I was 31 yrs of age. I enjoyed the love and pampering being the only child of my parents. My father was a scientist and professor at Indian Institute of Science. He was my guru and guide for my career and life.

However, my father’s demise when I was 32 , my life was broken. It was followed by my failed marriage at age 33-34 which gave me my biggest and costliest lessons of life. I came to know the true colours of people whom until then were apparently whom I trusted to be my close kith and kin. The closest people were the ones who betrayed and ruined my life behind my back. Due to my failed marriage and the financial juggernaut it brought me into, I was forced to give up my wonderful career to manage and solve my life issues. I parted with most of my life's savings to bring back peace to my life from the greedy people around.

Juggling to put back my shattered life together, I also had to ensure my mom’s mental and physical health was restored in due course. It was an emotional disaster situation that lead me to becoming mentally stressed and utterly low in confidence.

This is when I came across “The Secret” documentary during one of the sleepless nights of mine, which changed my perspective about my life. I started following gratitude journaling and visualisation. I took coaching on Silva centering exercise and meditation techniques for my mental peace. With practice of these habits, slowly but surely I came out of the miserable mindset and regained self-confidence and bounced back in my career. I got remarried and my life has been awesome with my new found love.

My family life today is happy and my mom is also doing well. After all this misery, I grew to C Level roles in global companies and founded startups internationally. I also mentored startup founders. Today, I coach working professionals to become better AI leaders with my Elevated Leaders Club (www.elevatedleadersclub.com) . I also am a professional virtual closer for high ticket deals!

Life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs. What goes down must come up. Don’t lose hope ever when you are suffering. Your day is definitely coming. Never ever give up in life!