Life Was Unfair Since Childhood To Me, the Strokes Of Tragedies One after Other Made me Weak, Pulled me Down, Took me almost to Near Death, But I was Saved by The People God Sent To help me everytime.

For long 24 Years I went through small and big Problems, Problem that made me so stronger today, that I can face anything and everything with Courage, because what could be more worse than suffering things leading you towards death.

Today I understand Life is Fairly Unfair, I'm thankful for what I've been through and Ready for What is coming.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 My Childhood Tragedy
00:42 My Education
00:49 My Talents
00:54 My Mom My Backbone
01:05 Lost My Dad & Younger Brother
01:20 Got Recognition as Influencer & Public Speaker
01:30 Made My Passion A Fulltime Course
01:41 How I made it Through all Catastrophies?

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