This is the story of a boy who took control of his life and transformed it into something to be proud of. My name is Priyank and I hail from the queen of hills, Shimla. Since the beginning, I was a sharp kid but did not have sufficient resources at my disposal. I was praised in school but all that happiness vanished as soon as I stepped back into my home. Understandably, not everyone’s childhood is filled with vacations or family time outings, mine wasn’t too. But what I missed the most was a nurturing environment where I felt safe.

I felt sorry for myself for a long time, shattering my confidence along the way. But once I hit my lowest spot, I knew something had to give. One day I woke up from self-pity and told myself that “this is not what you imagined for yourself, and this is not what you will be reduced to’.

After that there was no turning back. I did encounter a lot of blockers in my path, but little did I know that those were just stepping stones. I crushed every pain along the way and came out strong to reach the spot where I am sitting today.

I am glad to make it to Super 500, and it has been the most inspiring I’ve felt since that fateful day during my childhood. I give my gratitude to the Success Gyan team to present me an opportunity to talk about my journey.

The only way to move forward is to LOVE YOURSELF and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Trust me, that’s all the power you need to make it big.

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