This is My Story……A story of a Happy go Lucky Women who was leading her dream life. A Loving Husband, A smart son, A highly respectable job as a Professor in a Leading management Institute…………..Life could not have been better. Then suddenly one fine day I was diagnosed with 3rd Stage Cancer with very bleak chances of survival and it turned my Life. I was left with two options: Either I sulk and slowly die or start living each day at a time and enjoy each moment of being alive. I chose the second option and again turned my Life around. I changed my perception of looking at Cancer and took it as an opportunity to do the things which I would have never dreamt of doing like getting a Hair Tattoo or Henna Tattoo. Changing my perception changed everything. I started to enjoy my Cancer journey. I used to wear my best make up and wear my best dresses for my chemotherapy sessions. Once I changed my perspective, people’s perspective also changed towards me. Instead of giving Sympathy, people started to see me as an inspiration. I finally conquered my 2 years long battle against Cancer and now I am leading a healthy life. #InspiringIndia #SuccessGyan #SuperSpeaker #Super500