"Till my 10th grade I was a happy person .Then on I was not contended at all with the things that happened in my life..
One of my first goal was to get to a top engineering college ,but I couldn't crack the exam properly.
Then I wanted to get to the IIMS but could not even think of any good college with the kind of result I got.
Then the entrepreneurial bug bit me and I somehow wanted to be a successful entrepreneur ,but after doing business for a long 15 years I was looking at a huge debt .
I went into depression mode .Still I was denying my failure as an entrepreneur .One of my best friend pulled me out from this mess and gave me a job , it did help me a lot to forget my failures and also to” ACCEPT” my failures too which was also equally important for me to heal.Then I lost my job after 5 years due to pandemic .

I went back to depression for days and was trying hard to make a come back .Then my sister in US asked me to teach MATH to her kids as MATH has always been a subject which I liked during my school and college days.In the year 2020 I was fully booked as a tutor !! I found the TEACHER inside me and the transformation I could make to my students who were struggling with MATH was phenomenal.I found my LIFE’S purpose .This is my journey.

My Super 500 Journey in the Super Speaker Reality Show has been inspiring and I hope my story inspires you!"