"It's never too late for a fresh start –
With each dawn you have a chance to create !!

I was hit by asthama when I was 3
I grew up with less immunity
I was studious but not sporty
My friends called me a ""tortoise""
They teased me with all noise
This reminded me, ""Slow and steady wins the race"".
I joined taekwondo. According to the age category I had to compete with black belts.
Yes, it wasn't easy for me. I used to lose hope but my parents always supported me. My coach used to say, ""Instead of shedding tears, shed sweat!""

Finally by God's grace, this ""tortoise"" won the race -️…..
My story, from sweat to success !!!

Feel the heartbeat of my journey, pulse by pulse, and let the echoes of the triumph resonate with your own aspirations. This is more than a story; it's a testament to the extraordinary power within each of us to rise, evolve, and claim our victories against the odds. Share to spread the inspiration—because every journey from sweat to success deserves to be celebrated!

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