"Embark on a journey of resilience and triumph with my life story. Born into an aristocratic family in the small town of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, my life took an unexpected turn when my parents separated. This marked the beginning of a relentless quest to find my place in the world.

As a talented athlete in various sports, the playing field became my sanctuary, providing solace and purpose. At the young age of 22, just as I was gearing up for a professional sports career, a life-altering accident threatened to shatter my dreams. The doctors delivered a devastating blow—I might never compete again, and financial ruin loomed on the horizon with no income in sight.

But a true sportsman never surrenders. Fueled by determination and inspired by my wife and kids, I worked tirelessly on stabilizing my finances to pursue my passion for sports. After 12 years of relentless effort, I defied the odds. At 34, not only did I represent India, but I also clinched medals in Racketlon, competing in International Tournaments in Malta, Thailand, India, and Dubai, bringing home six international honors.

Today, as a Financial Coach, I guide others on the path to financial freedom, enabling them to pursue their passions. Join me as I share the profound lesson I've learned in life—it’s never too late to rewrite your story. Don't miss this inspiring tale of overcoming adversity and seizing triumph on the global stage.

I hope my story inspires you to Live your long lost dreams"