Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at spoken poetry🙂

Hi! I am Ayushi Jain, a simple girl from a small town in Madhya Pradesh. Like many other girls, for the longest part of my life I have been stuck in the spiral of low self worth and self esteem issues. Lack of support, understanding and push led me to believe that I only deserved bad things. Which obviously led to depression, and other health issues like PCOS, hypertension, Panic attacks, extreme anxiety etc.

Unable to take a stand for myself, I took many bad decisions one after the other. I was drowning in negativity and loosing hope. But then my mentor Siddharth Rajsekar and his community came to the rescue.

I got connected with amazing people and made life-long friends, which made me realise that I am worthy of everything I desire and more. Then the box of opportunities opened and here I am now, enroute to a journey to become my best version, whatever it takes. 💫

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Script :

My story is the story of a girl who has never been clear,
Insecurity Neglect Fear,
Were the only emotions familiar.

People said she's athletic, intelligent,
Simple but bold,
Way too soft spoken, reserved, introverted,
An overthinking mold.

So what should I become?
A Dancer? Good girls don't dance
A Businesswoman ? You are not confident enough.
A Karate Player? You are not strong enough.
A News Reader? You are not beautiful enough.

You know what? Do math.
Give competitive exams, become an IAS or a PO, teach in schools, become a sociopath.


Began the curse of anxiety, depression, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts.
My inner calling, scared.. hidden..
A Silver Lining !

What if, I can give people what I never had..
Balance Clarity Guidance,
Become their thermostat.

So I took the challenge too big.
This is the Rig, To get the Freedom that I Dig.

But it's all a theory.
Babygirl ! It's never too late to –

So here I am. Doing everything I ever wanted.
Breaking barriers, embracing my flaws, setting the frame.
A Coach, A Podcaster..
Becoming my better version and helping people do the same. 💝

Inspiring people to become their best version is my cause 💫
This is Ayushi Jain.
Love Love
Nos Vemos 💞

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