Namaste All
Who would like to leave thier comfort zone and go to join NCC?

I was raised as the eldest among five children.

Few responsibilities and lots of love from siblings sowed the seeds of unity.

My Strict and Self-disciplined father shaped my childhood to over-ride the comfort zone.

NCC chiselled & shaped it further.

Hence, I grew up considerably tough and determined.

After marriage,
It helped me stay focused and motivated to complete my Bachelors with flying colours as Gold- Medalist.

In the practicing years, I kept evolving persistently, adding new skills.

From Curative treatment to Preventive treatment in the initial years.

Stress Management Counselling,
Mindfulness Master Practitioner
Spiritual Life Coach
Motivational Speaker

The journey started and is still ongoing.

Apart from the customised Medical practice,
Conferences and Academic Workshops-

There are a host of complimentary social initiatives especially for Awareness regarding "Wellness of Mind"

Meditative Monday for all
Adept Learner Tuesday for Homeopathic Doctors (study circle)
Wellness Wednesday For Wonder Women
Thoughtful Thursday for all (book-reading)
Stand Tall Friday for Senior Citizens
Superb Saturday for kids
Spiritual Sunday for All

All these activities are completing a decade long journey since 2014.

Wellness of mind depends chiefly on four pillars.
Three of which are covered above
1. Physical
2. Emotional
3. Spiritual
4. Financial

To make the fourth pillar stronger,
I decided to Empower Women since 2020.
Even today, anyone who wish to restart her career can approach me with full confidence.

I am meticulous in taking the glory of Homeopathy and Wellness of Mind Awareness far and wide.

I am grateful to my loving family, relatives, friends and all around me!
Especially my husband and son for active and selfless support in my social initiatives too.

Powered by the Almighty and My Guruji,
I dedicate this video with its title and description to the one and only SUCCESSGYAN.

This is the first time I have sat down and summarized my life
Again, inspired by SUCCESSGYAN for Super Speaker Season 3
As a Super500. – Dr. Deepa Patil