If you had met me in 2006, you would have seen but a shadow of the person I am today. I was shattered, depressed , disillusioned and harbored a feeling of hopelessness when I became a new mother and my marriage falling apart more or less at the same time . It was perhaps the most difficult time in my life .

In the last 17 years , I have strived tirelessly to build a world for my daughter and myself from getting promoted, to buying my own home, to going on exotic vacations etc . Life has not been easy juggling a full time job in the aviation industry and a side hustle as an anchor and emcee for weddings and corporate events, working somedays non stop for 14 days without a break.

Today, I stand proud , a self employed and self proclaimed passionpreneur and telling my story on a public platform to possibly inspire at least one woman with hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and self belief , trusting the process and the higher power and surrounding yourself with supportive family and friends, will take you to a place of peace and love .

I am still a 'work in progress' but definitely stronger, more self assured and confident than I was yesterday ,striving to be a better version of myself and living life authentically, with the staunch belief that the best is yet to come ! I am changing my narrative and living a life of hope and by design !

#hope #innerwork #selflove #support #trusttheprocess #bestisyettocome"