Join me on a journey from denial to triumph! ? In this personal story, I share how consuming over 300 movies during my 12th standard almost derailed my academic life. From facing poor marks and contemplating my future on a bench at Jotin Das Park, watch as I make a pivotal decision that changed the course of my life.
Discover the three commitments I made to myself that paved the way for a transformative journey: owning my decisions, actively engaging in learning, and breaking free from the constraints of societal judgments. ?
Get inspired as I recount how these commitments propelled me from struggling with exams to leading a successful career with renowned organizations like Taj, Mphasis, Dell, HSBC, Bank of America, and Barclays. Today, I am the proud founder of a consulting company dedicated to assisting MSMEs and startups in their transformation, innovation, and scaling pursuits.
Learn how rewriting my narrative and living by these principles opened doors to growth and fulfilment. Are you prepared to engage in the process of reimagining and reworking your own script? Hit play and I hope my story serve as inspiration to you!"