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""Dinesh, you are good for nothing…""

""Dinesh, you are physically weak…""

""Dinesh, you are dark and ugly…""

""Dinesh, you are unlovable; not good enough…""

These inner voices haunted me, driving me to prove myself.

I was too scared to make mistakes and my anxiety consumed me.

I became a people-pleaser, trying to be the best in every situation.
But it backfired, pushing people away and fueling my frustration.

My bitterness and craving for validation kept on increasing and I carried it along with me to college, career, marriage and parenthood too.

I craved love, yet people kept their distance.

I doubted whether I carried a devil within.

I tried alcohol, therapies, counselling; but nothing helped.

At my lowest, I considered ending it all, by ending my life

But as they say, the good thing about bad things is that they also come to an end.

And then, something incredible happened… and the positivity dawned.

I found my purpose, my calling in serving people by teaching them money management skills and helping them become financially free.

I found a mentor and a community that focused on my strengths, not my weaknesses.

I established MegaMoney Mastery Club, a community with the goal of Financial Freedom.

I made it my mission to help at least 10,000 people become financially free.

I rekindled my love for tennis and discovered my voice.

I blossomed as a public speaker.

My story got published in a best-seller book, and I gave autographs.

Compliments and praise came from all around.

All those years of pain had made me as strong as steel.

My journey of self-realization has begun.

And it is just the beginning.

""Embrace your journey, and one day, you'll shine like a diamond.”

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