"This story is about a kid who was exposed to failure for the first time, could not digest the fact that he was failing and was on the verge of giving up on everything just to ruin his life.

When I was preparing for the JEE examination, I was not able to handle the stress and the pressure. Inspite of having supportive parents I couldn't approach them. How could I? I, myself was not able to digest and accept my failure due to which i was not able to comprehend whatever was happening with me.
I was depressed and had lost confidence in my self to such an extent that I had started accepting that I would never be able to rise above this low level of mine and this is me!
Had I continued with that attitude, today I would not have been a part of SUPER 500, trying something new and putting my potential to the test!
I surrendered myself to motivational speakers and some learned people around me which helped me gain back my confidence, which helped me realise my potential and helped to give a try to achieving my goals.
I tried everything that i was afraid off which made me fearless and unstoppable!!
Today I have landed one of the highest paying jobs from my college but that's not the end for me. I have build my self in such a way that I am happy with this achievement, but not satisfied. I want to try new ventures in life, I want to explore new limits of my potential and I want to grow even more than this.

""To rewrite your story, cultivate your mind, fortify your mindset, and the rest will follow."""