"in the year 2003, i was Thrilled to be accepted into an MBA program, my dreams were soon overshadowed by an arranged marriage that hurriedly became my reality. As the responsibilities of family life unfolded, my aspirations took a backseat.

Undeterred by the unexpected turns, I decided to forge ahead. I joined the workforce, only to press pause again to care for my ailing father-in-law. In a surprising twist, my husband recognized my untapped potential and enrolled her in a distance learning MBA program, reigniting the flame of my ambitions. However, life took me on another ride- pregnancy.

For the next ten years, I found myself immersed in the role of a devoted mother. While my focus was on nurturing my family, a vacuum grew in my professional life. At the age of 34, with a burning desire to reclaim my dreams, I resolved to reenter the workforce. But a decade-long hiatus presented formidable obstacles –my digital literacy was nonexistent, and my credentials were outdated.

Undeterred by the challenges,I refused to let circumstances dictate my fate. I embarked on a journey of self-improvement, tirelessly updating my skills and mastering the digital landscape. The setbacks only fueled my determination.

In the subsequent years,my accomplished feats beyond my wildest dreams. I trained over a thousand corporate professionals, coached 121 individuals, and conducted numerous impact workshops. The satisfaction derived from these endeavors ignited a new dream within me – to establish my own business.

Thus, ""Design Life"" was born MY venture aimed at transforming lives in profound ways. From a woman who once felt trapped in the whirlpool of domestic responsibilities, I emerged as a beacon of inspiration for countless others. My story became a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

My story encapsulated the essence of my transformation. I once confined by circumstances, blossomed into a leader who not only navigated the challenges of her own life but also guided others on their paths to success.

My story serves as a reminder that the journey from dashed hopes to potential realization is marked by perseverance and determination. MY evolution from a simple housewife to a successful life coach demonstrates that the human spirit, when fueled by passion and resilience, can transcend any whirlwind of life's challenges."